Shiga prefecture lies to the east of Kyoto. It contains the enormous freshwater Lake Biwa, whose shoreline is home to the regional capital, Otsu, as well as the cities of Hikone, Sakamoto, and Nagahama which is bustling with many beaches and holiday resorts. Mt. Ibuki, with a 4,000m elevation, rises in the North East, from the peak, you can see a sweeping view of Lake Biwa. Also in Shiga is the Ishiyama Temple, famous for being the place where Murasaki Shikibu wrote the 'Tale of Genji' and Hiezan Enryakuji the headquarters of the Tendai Sect of Buddhism.

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1 Experience the Taihei culture of Hikone and the specialty gourmets of Lake Biwa

Omi Beef Sennaritei Kyara
Hikone Castle, National Treasure
Takeshima Cruise(Omi marine)

Map of Shiga