Odaiba Shinbashi

The waterfront of Odaiba is a popular spot for couples and families, and popularity among foreign tourists has also dramatically increased. Fuji TV has its headquarters there, and there is plenty of entertainment, shopping, and great restaurants to enjoy. Yurikamome, an automated rail service, and the water bus are a fun way to get around, while the night view of the Tokyo tower and Rainbow bridge are a must see!

Most popular courses

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1 Cruising from Asakusa to Odaiba‏

Come enjoy sightseeing in Asakusa and Odaiba where two tours can be had in one day. Spend a carefree morning exploring Asakusa and then take a relaxing boat ride to Odaiba via Hinode-Sanbashi. The cruise itself is an unique experience and you can enjoy the picturesque scenery as well while travelling down the Sumida River. Adventure awaits you.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
Fuji Television Odaiba Headquarters Building
Daiba Itchome Shopping Street (DECKS Tokyo Beach)
TOKYO CRUISE Water Bus "Himiko," Asakusa–Odaiba Line

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