Daihonzan Tenryuji Sub-temple Daikizan Hogonin

Daihonzan Tenryuji Sub-temple Daikizan Hogonin

Hogonin was established in 1461. It had disappeared once during the Onin War, but was reestablished by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the preeminent leader of Japan at the time. The precious temple was moved to its current site in 2002 and opened to the public for the first time in 140 years. The group of statues of jizo bosatsu including the principal image of the eleven faced kannon bosatsu is said to be equal to the Saigoku thirty-three places tour, a pilgrimage that visits thirty-three holy places in the Saigoku area.

Although the wonderful autumn leavers are famous, the highlight is the garden of Shishiku, which means "Buddha is preaching", created during the Muromachi era. By skillfully making use of the Arashiyama scenery, the circuit style garden creates a beautiful matching of large rocks and moss, allowing for a peaceful stroll with a relaxed feeling. Perhaps you can become one with nature in the quiet healing spot by listening to the cry of a bird or the sound of the wind. The garden is one of Kyoto's famous attraction sites and famous gardens, making it a spot you definitely want to stop by when visiting Arashiyama.

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