Tokyo SKYTREE is the highest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world measuring 634 meters tall as recognized by the Guinness World Records Company on November 17, 2011.
Rising 350 meters above the ground, the "Tokyo SKYTREE TEMBO DECK" - observation deck - is covered in huge 5 meter- high glass for a 360- degree all -round view. There is a souvenir shop, cafe and restaurant in the "Tokyo SKYTREE TEMBO DECK". You can enjoy the view and a coffee at the same time!
Futher up 100 meters, a total 450 meters above the ground, there is the "Tokyo SKYTREE TEMBO GALLERIA" which has a glass tube from "floor 445" to "floor 450", the highest floor of Tokyo SKYTREE. It will make you feel like you are walking in the sky.
There are 2 kinds of lighting styles that operate alternately. "Iki" - the spirit of Edo (Old Tokyo) is light blue and "Miyabi" - its aesthetic is purple. Tokyo SKYTREE is a tower so tall that if you stay at hotels in Mid Tokyo, it is likely you could see those lighting styles of Tokyo SKYTREE from your hotel room (if you get a city view room).

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