What NAMBA PARKS being to send is a lifestyle mixed with ‘Clothing, Food, Shelter’ and ‘Transportation’, ‘Play’, ‘Fitness’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Knowledge’, ‘Relax’.

This is a new standard lifestyle named ‘NAMBA NEXT STANDARD LIFE’ suggested by NAMBA PARKS.

‘Commercial facilities’ and ‘Environment’ expressing urban time attractively gathered in NAMBA PARKS, this is why that lifestyle can be realized here.

As ‘the forest of urban’, PARKS supports daily relax time, as well as small non-daily pleasure such as seeing movie, searching particular items and delicious food, to make urban life colourful. Be available to meet the need of varied individuality and this is NAMBA PARKS.

Only for foreign tourists visiting Japan, show the passport at 2F information desk in NAMBA PARKS, a coupon will be offered (With a consumed amount (at the stores or restaurants) of 10,000JPY excluding tax or more, 500JPY off).

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Open Hours

Shopping district: From 11:00 to 21:00

Restaurant area: From 11:00 to 23:00 (except some stores)


Irregular holidays

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