Amanohashidate is one of the “Three Most Famous Views in Japan.”

This natural land bridge is described in legend as having been created by the deity Izanagi-no-mikoto as a path from the heavens to the deity Izanami-no-mikoto.

Amanohashidate is a natural work of art, created by the Sea of Japan and the Noda River, flowing from its source on Mt. Oe.

The mysterious beauty, the white sands and green pine trees present a truly superb view.

Some 8,000 pine trees grow in the sand along the roughly 3.6-kilometer bridge.

The shrine Hashidate Myojin (Amanohashidate-jinja), a famous freshwater well called Isoshimizu, and a road bridge that swings 90° to allow ferries and barges to pass, are among additional features. Visitors can walk or cycle from one end of Amanohashidate to the other. There are benches and rest areas along the way.

Amanohashidate is included in many “Best 100” lists: 100 Famous Pine Trees of Japan, 100 White Sand and Green Pine Sites of Japan, 100 Roads of Japan, 100 Beaches of Japan, 100 Famous Waters, 100 Historic Parks of Japan, 100 Beautiful Historic Landscapes of Japan, and 100 Geological Features of Japan.

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