Gion neighborhood & Yasaka Hall Gion Corner

Gion neighborhood & Yasaka Hall Gion Corner

Gion neighborhood is a wide area with Yasaka Shrine in the east, Kennin-ji in the south, Kamogawa in the west, and Shinbashi-dori in the north.

The entertainment district is lined with the Japanese oldest theater- "Minamiza", which is famous for "Kaomise" (an event people can meet Kabuki face-to-face), luxury Japanese restaurants, and food shops.

It is also possible to see the Geisha and Maiko here.

Performance of "Miyako Odori" by Geisha and Maiko is held every year in April.

Above all, it is able to appreciate several kinds of traditional arts (reservation not required), including Kyomai, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, Kin, Gagaku, and Kyogen in Yasaka Hall Gion Corner.

It is popular not only among Japanese, but also among foreign tourists.

There is also exhibition of maiko gallery and the accessories such as floral hairpins of maiko and so on.

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Yasaka Hall Gion Corner

Performance date and time/Daily, 18:00~, 19:00~ From December to the second week of March, only performs on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

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